G. Wilson (iwasanarchitect) wrote,
G. Wilson

What a day..........

The IRA is giving "due consideration" to an appeal by Gerry Adams for it to embrace politics and abandon the armed struggle....

What the bollocks is Gerry Adams thinking?
Currently, the IRA (Adams heads the political wing known as the "Sinn Fein") is not an open-basis politcal movement, but moreso a group of semi-radical guerillas-- some go as far to call them terrorists, which, in a sense, to any opposition, I'm sure they are-- who have not made any massive attacks as an army in quite a while. They've never had much choice, although they have support, they're not going to achieve results without some serious action, which most supporters are not in favor of- if you lose all your people in the struggle, who will be left to keep it alive? The last major components of the struggle were the $50mil robbery in NI (December) and the murder of Robert McCartney (you may have seen his sisters in the media recently, blah blah blah, good job for making the cover of some newspapers, WHAT THE HELL DO MOST AMERICANS CARE?). The thing is, that's a HUGE source of the problem in the IRA- yes, they're united for a common good, but they all have different ideas in how to bring revolution about (or just chaos, in some cases). It's safe to assume that by quitting the bank-robbery, murder, and whatever other forms of supposed violence, they'll stick to the stuff that got us in the gut the first time- the hunger strike, the non-violent mass worker protests, did I mention the hunger strike? Sure, it ultimately led to the Good Friday agreement (ceasefire of 1994), but hey, something's still happening, right?

Why give up armed struggles now?

Hmm, let's see, today's date.. April 7th, 2005? How many days until May 5th? 27, I believe? *cough cough*

Truly the right move for the IRA?

Hmm....... I'll be back with that on a later date.

"That's why it is action from the IRA that counts - not words from Sinn Fein.""
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The IRA differs very little, if you really get down to it, from the early American guerilla force known as the Minutemen, without whom we'd still be paying too much (in pounds and pence) for our newspapers and tea. As an elderly veteran of WWII told me once, terrorism is a matter of perspective.
Exactly, and that perspective is usually that of the opposition, or the conservative (well, not conservative, but reserved) memebers within that party.

The IRA is like the force that backs (or is it fronts) the Sinn Fein. They've got great ideas, but the manpower can't seem to blend; but just as that, the Sinn Fein is shite without protection.... Civil Disobedience takes longer, but it's more likely to draw a following and gain (positive) attention, and has much less of the "shock factor"....
Plaid Cymru and the Welsh nationalists got much further with nonviolent tactics than with their previous habit of burning down English peoples' holiday homes on the Welsh coast, but then conditions are vastly different between Wales and the English-occupied bits of Ireland; there isn't, for instance, a politically charged religious divide in Wales (although rugby team affiliations can get pretty tricky)...
I never got interested in Welsh politics, although my nan lives there.... haha, yes, she HATES Man U and when we go to visit, she always brags on Tottenham Hotspur and refuses to let me watch any MU games!!

the welsh idea of nonviolence and violence greatly amuses me, i must check into these things.
I always wondered, too, why Eire had MUCH more of a religious divide.. the obvious stuff makes sense, but when everything initially happened, did the 'God' say "OKAY WALES... YOUR TINY LITTLE COUNTRY CAN'T HANDLE NATIONAL AND RELIGIOUS STRIFE"??

It does puzzle me; Wales has a horribly confusing farrago of tiny little religious sects but they seem to keep it very amiable between each other. I suppose they unite in their dislike of the English, or perhaps the fact that Welsh is far more widely spoken in Wales than Gaelic is in Ireland has something to do with forging a cohesive national identity.
IRA has so long history of struggle that it's a right time to look at the Chinese style of ethnic and territorial solutions: they simply come and settle and work in your area. and then there are only Chinese. Fo example Singhapore was the British sronghold till 1941, but nowadays it's just a piece of Big China with few remnants of the past.